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To book an appointment, simply call reception at one of our locations. Reception will answer the phone identifying as a medical clinic, though on stating you wish to book a psychologist appointment they will be very willing to assist.

At the moment we only have psychologists working out of our Hawthorn location.

Appointments are open to all patients, and not just patients of the medical clinics at the shared locations.

Unfortunately We Are Not Currently Accepting New Patients

  • Due to the pandemic there has been a huge demand upon Clinical Psychologists
  • We appreciate this is not ideal and apologise for the inconvenience
  • It’s been disappointing to have to turn many patients away when they’re needing help
  • Meanwhile we continue our recruiting drive for high quality Clinical Psychologists

Medicare accredited Clinical Psychologists who wish to join the clinic can forward an application to

Clinical Psychology Sessions

  • Typically appointments are 50 minutes in duration
  • At your appointment, try to talk openly about what’s been happening
  • Everything you say will be confidential – except in some special mandated circumstances such as if a doctor feels you could be at immediate harm to yourself or others
  • Feel assured that psychologists see people for mental health issues all the time
  • With your permission, our psychologists will communicate with your referring GP regarding your progress

Fees For Patients With A Valid Mental Health Treatment Plan

Out of pocket expense for patients with a valid careplan are $80 prior to 6pm, and $90 after 6pm.

Mental Health Treatment Plans

  • A Mental Health Treatment Plan is a support plan for someone experiencing mental health issues
  • If your doctor believes you qualify for additional support, they can formulate a Mental Health Treatment Plan – and this will usually include a referral to a Clinical Psychologist
  • With a plan in place, the Government pays $124.50 towards each Psychology session – for up to ten sessions within in a calendar year

Medicare Criteria Regarding Mental Health Treatment Plans

  • An Mental Health Treatment Plan from your GP will make you eligible for 6 psychology sessions
  • A Renewal of a Mental Health Treatment Plan from your GP will make you eligible for another 6 psychology sessions
  • Mental Health Treatment Plans can only be done once every 12 month interval (regardless of a new calendar year)
  • Renewals of a plan can only occur after 4 weeks has elapsed since an initial plan
  • Repeat Renewals of a plan can only occur after 3 months has elapsed since the previous Renewal of a plan
  • Psychology session funding of $124.50 per session is generated by a Mental Health Treatment Plan (or Renewal)
  • The funded sessions may be utilised by a patient within the same calendar year of the plan or renewal, as well as the subsequent calendar year
  • Medicare caps the number or psychology sessions funded within a calendar year at 10 sessions – though within Victoria since the Coronavirus pandemic, this cap has been lifted to 20 sessions
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